First safety device on the market for car travelling with dogs equiped with isofix system.

The safety of the entire family during journeys is the main objective of the corporate group Babyauto Group, a company specialized in manufacturing child car seats, which introduces a new device for transporting dogs in cars that exponentially improves safety compared to existing harnesses and leashes on the market.

Currently, there is no regulation for testing these devices, and the General Traffic Regulations do not specifically establish how pets should travel inside the vehicle. What it does indicate is the driver’s obligation to maintain their own freedom of movement and a sufficient field of vision to be attentive to road circumstances. It adds that, for this purpose, both the driver and the other passengers, animals, and objects must maintain an appropriate position to avoid interference between the driver and any of them. The first rule is never to let them loose, as in the event of a collision, they can be ejected like a projectile against the front seats and the rest of the occupants of the vehicle.

The new brand Babyauto Pets is born from an innovative safety system for transporting dogs in cars that applies all current knowledge in child safety in automobiles. The device has been developed in collaboration with the University of Zaragoza and the Impact Laboratory of Technopark Motorland (Alcañiz, Teruel), applying the current demanding ECE regulations for child transport and adapting them for optimal retention of the dog in case of an accident or sudden braking.

Dogs are another member of the family and accompany us on many of our car journeys. Therefore, it is essential to travel correctly with a good retention system adapted to the characteristics of the dog so that both it and the other family members travel with maximum safety.


The first Travel Harness with Fix Connect system from Babyauto Pets is designed for dogs up to 20 kg and utilizes the Isofix + Top Tether car anchors, which helps to:

  • Prevent injuries to the animal
  • Increase the chances of survival for the dog in case of an accident or sudden braking
  • Protect vehicle occupants in the event of an accident by providing a more solid restraint
Babyauto Pets

Babyauto Pets

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