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Installing Travel Fix safety harness step-by-step


Follow the instructions carefully to ensure maximum product safety as tested in crash tests.

Disconnect the isofix​

Follow the instructions carefully to ensure maximum product safety as tested in crash tests.

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The Travel Fix safety harness is one of the essential safety elements to protect your dog on road trips.

Installing the harness correctly is of vital importance. That’s why we want to help you install it step by step.

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Install Travel Fix in 4 easy steps

1. Safety buckle

Position the harness by passing the back legs through the webbing. Close the harness by fastening the buckle.

2. Fine adjustment

Adjust the harness to your dog's body by pulling the straps on both sides to fit snugly.

3. Isofix connectors

Connect the isofix anchorages of the car and pull the straps tight on both sides.

4. Top Tether anchorage

Connect the hook to the top tether point of your car and adjust the strap until your dog is seated comfortably facing the direction of travel.


For a safer journey

It is not recommended that they lie down facing the direction of travel, as this position has not been tested and certified. Keeping the dog in a seated, forward-facing position will help to ensure its safety during the journey. Extending the top tether may compromise your pet’s safety as the lying position has not been tested or certified
Yes, as long as the front passenger seat is equipped with Isofix + Top Tether anchorages. It is advisable to move the seat back as far as possible so that the possible action of the airbag does not harm the dog.
Unfortunately, we do not have a harness available for dogs weighing 20 kg because the restraint systems in the vehicle are not designed to withstand the stress generated by dogs of that size. We are currently working on a version for dogs weighing up to 25 kg. We will keep our customers informed of developments in this area.
The dog should travel with the system tightened, although a reasonable maximum slack of 2 cm is acceptable.

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