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We proactively seek alliances and collaborations with entities and networks, companies and institutions with which we can join forces and move forward together.

Babyauto Pets and BabyRecycle’s activity are directly related to Emmaus Social Foundation and as we share with these organisations their desire to promote sustainable development objectives towards products and technologies that combine respect for the planet and direct focus on social inclusion.

In this sense Footplastic project is currently being promoted, which addresses the challenge of developing a comprehensive circular solution for 360º traceability and the revaluation of pre- and post-industrial plastic waste, encouraging its reintroduction into the plastics industry to generate new circular products. 

Babyauto Group corporate social responsibility is reflected in the different activities it carries out in the research and development of safety elements for animals and people.

In the absence of international standards for the certification of pet restraint systems, an ad hoc standard has been developed in which all the elements that affect the safety of pets are evaluated according to the ECE standard specifications that apply to child car seats.

We care about your pet’s safety as much as you do!

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