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Dogs are part of the family

But it is also true that it has not been given the importance and safety it deserves when travelling in a vehicle.

In fact, at present, there is no regulation that establishes specifically how pets should travel in the vehicle, although it is indicated that passengers, animals and objects must maintain a suitable position so that there is no interference between the driver and any of them.

Our experience in mobility at your pet’s service.

That is why at Babyauto we wanted to create the new Babyauto Pets brand, implementing our more than 25 years of experience in child restraint systems to help improve pets safety and thus, whole family safety.

Our philosophy is to provide the highest quality products to our customers, going far beyond legal standards. From rigorous testing in Tecnopark’s Impact Laboratory at multiple stages during R&D, car seat manufacturing and production compliance, and stringent ISO quality standards we set for every partner we work with.

Dynamic crash-tests with deceleration pulse and requirements for Isofix connectors according to ECE R44 and ECE R129

Tested in crash-tests to assist and contribute to a new regulatory framework

Travel Fix has been shown to exponentially improve the survival rate of the animal in the event of an accident compared to other pet products on the market.

Babyauto Pets products are conceived, designed and thoroughly tested to offer maximum comfort and safety for your pet in any type of vehicle. Created from top quality materials and maximum impact resistance.

For more than 25 years we have been striving every day to increase the protection of children in the car and now we wanted to extend our product line to our pets. So that you can travel with peace of mind and they can travel with all the guarantees and comfort they deserve.

Babyauto was born as a specialised safety division at a time when few companies were working to reduce road fatalities.

Trust in our experience and enjoy your trips with total peace of mind!

Since then, Babyauto Group has been fully dedicated to the manufacture of high quality restraint systems and high quality accessories for car safe journeys. Pioneers in the improvement of driving protection technology, we collaborate with University of Zaragoza and the Impact Laboratory of Motorland to carry out exhaustive crash tests, prototyping, fitting in different cars, etc.

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Travel Fix Crash test · Impact laboratory, University of Zaragoza

Ensayos dinámicos de crash-tests realizados con pulso de deceleración y requisitos aplicados a los conectores Isofix según ECE R44 y ECE R129