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Car Safety Harness

Travel Fix

Small Fit

Size S · 2-10 kg

The Travel Fix harness is the safety system your dog needs for travelling in the car! This dog safety harness is perfect for dogs up to 10 kg and uses the car’s Isofix + Top Tether anchorages. With Travel Fix, you will have improved safety for your dog by preventing injuries and increasing the chances of survival in the event of an accident or sudden braking.

Patented System

Travel safely and comfortably with your pet with the Babyauto Pets Travel Fix harness.


Everything you and your dog need

Maximum safety

This system has been *tested in impact and crash tests and has been shown to exponentially improve the survival rate of the animal in the event of an accident compared to other products on the market.

Extra comfort

Travel Fix has been designed to be comfortable and adjustable, so your dog can travel comfortably in the car while being safe and secure.

Ease of use

Travel Fix features a patented Isofix fastening system that easily connects to the car's restraint system. Its intuitive design allows for easy installation in less than a minute.

*Crash tests carried out with deceleration pulse and requirements applied to Isofix connectors according to ECE R44 and ECE R129.


Main Features


Our harness is the first dog travel harness with an isofix anchorage system, the FixConnect™ restraint system, which offers additional support through anchorages instead of holding the dog with the seat belt alone. This allows the dog to be in a firmer and more comfortable position, preventing injury to the animal and exponentially improving safety compared to other harnesses.

Isofix + Top Tether

This harness has a unique patented isofix anchorage system that is unique on the market. The Travel Fix harness connects directly to the car’s restraint system, providing a secure and stable hold for the dog during car journeys.


High Performance safety buckle with heavy duty buckle. With just one click you can quickly and easily release the harness and release the dog from the seat.

Precise Adjustment System

The harness has five precision adjusters, two to adjust the harness to the dog’s body and three to adjust its position in relation to the car’s isofix and top tether connectors. These adjusters use a system called MASA (Micro-slip Absortion Safety Adjustemt), which prevents unwanted slippage or misadjustment of the harness and provides greater safety in the event of an impact.

More about

Protective Cover

The Travel Fix harness is made of high quality, durable materials and has a reinforced structure that provides greater protection in the event of an impact. In addition, the removable textile cover allows for easy cleaning and maintenance of the harness.


Travel Fix is a product designed in Spain and manufactured in Europe. It comes packaged in recyclable cardboard material, making it environmentally friendly. Enjoy all the safety while contributing to a more sustainable future for our planet.

*Includes Dog on Board sticker

Install Travel Fix in 4 easy steps

1. Safety buckle

Position the harness by passing the back legs through the webbing. Close the harness by fastening the buckle.

2. Fine adjustment

Adjust the harness to your dog's body by pulling the straps on both sides to fit snugly.

3. Isofix connectors

Connect the isofix anchorages of the car and pull the straps tight on both sides.

4. Top Tether anchorage

Connect the hook to the top tether point of your car and adjust the strap until your dog is seated comfortably facing the direction of travel.

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